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Professional Associations and Their Roll for Your Business

Professional Associations are representatives of industry sector companies and provide collective services and products to businesses in the same field as well as to individuals who have an interest in the sector. To name a few, these products and services include networking, training, conferences and events, publications such as newsletters and magazines, educational materials and technical advice. However one of the main focuses of Professional Associations is being a representative body of the industry, and present positions and views of its members to media, authorities, agencies, government departments and regulators.

In this paper we are going to discuss the option of joining a Professional Association and benefits that it can bring to your business.

United Voice

Professional Associations are a united voice of their industry and they represent their members in society at many levels. This powerful asset gives authority to an Association and will work for the benefit of their members for a growth of sector. They have close ties with government bodies which ensure members that their voice will be heard among authorities and helps with providing market information to governments to enable them for more effective policy making.

Money Saving

Every business in the world wants to cut expenses. Businesses can save money in the long run by just being a member of an Association. Professional Associations are at the core of their industry sector and try to make members and the industry, visible to the public and potential consumers. They advertise their products in media and offer free expert advice in many areas to their members. Members will also have access to special rates through their affiliations and usually will have discounted rates on government services, which can save them a considerable amount of money. Professional Associations can also get preferential rates by negotiating with approved suppliers. As they are representing a number of companies, quantity of orders would be higher and this would enable them to receive better deals for their members.

Expert Advice

Due to their position and knowledgeable resources, Professional Associations are able to provide expert advice to the members in a wide area such as commercial, legal, technical advice and consulting services. This is a huge advantage which is available only to members. These services will come at a price for other business.

Practical and Useful Information

When it comes to communication and information gathering, Professional Associations are the trusted source for members. They offer a unique range of services and information to their members, like no other source which is based on their interaction with other organizations and individuals, as well as their members. They collect statistical data on sectors and consumers from many sources and provide it to their members which help them to stay competitive.

Industry Events

Professional Associations produce many industry events such as exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars and conferences. These gatherings are opportunities for networking with industry peers as well as other businesses to learn more about issues and new technologies.

Priority in Projects

In order to remain effective, Professional Associations may start new projects which can help the industry sector image or undertake some projects to benefit the members. In such cases, members have an excellent opportunity to become involved from the beginning and enjoy the benefits of a project's outcome.


Businesses spend years to attract public trust. In the public eye, membership of a Professional Association is usually a sign of quality and trust. Simply by belonging, it is more likely that are other businesses will inquire about your products. This theme will become more important if you are working in a highly regulated sector.

Market Intelligence

Receiving critical information at the proper time is very important. Professional Associations provide immediate updates on many subjects such as policy changes, technical standards, price changes, market forecasts, statistical data and latest news in the industry. Providing this information will create a safety net for members ensuring them that they are able to make the best possible decision at the right time.

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